For Burns Night on the 25th January 2024, I was fortunate enough to have taken part in another incredible tweet tasting with Steve Rush @TheWhiskyWire (link new window) and Lindores Abbey (link new window).

In the lineup on the evening were the following whiskies:

  1. MCDXCIV Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Age: Around 3.5 years old
    ABV: 46%
    Casks: Matured in a combination of Bourbon barrels, Wine barriques and Sherry butts.
    RRP: £49.00
    Launched in June 2021
  2. Casks of Lindores II STR Red Wine Barriques Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Age: Just under 4 years old
    ABV: 49.4%
    Casks: Matured in shaved, toasted and recharred Red Wine barriques.
    RRP: £59.95
  3. Casks of Lindores II Bourbon Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    Age: Just over 4 years old
    ABV: 49.4%
    Casks: Matured in First-fill Bourbon barrels
    RRP: £59.95
  4. Lindores Abbey Friar John Cor Cask Strength Congregation - Chapter II Single Malt Scotch Whisky
    ABV: 60.9%
    Casks: A Batch Strength vatting of Bourbon ASBs, STR Red Wine barriques and second-fill Peated ex-Rum casks.
    RRP: £68.00


Onto the tasting

The format of the Tweet Tasting is straight forward, the host Steve Rush, guides us through each release, providing further details about each whisky, we first nose the whisky giving our thoughts, before we move onto tasting the malt, then should we wish, provide notes on the influence of water on the the whisky before continuing onto the next dram.


Lindores Abbey 1494

On the Nose:

It is Fresh, initially sweet caramel followed up with a vegatal note which reveals Hay and Apple Blossom, sherbet lemon, Icing sugar, ginger, cardamom and cola

Onto the taste:

The palate is sweet with honey and apple, floral notes of rose, then it delivers sweet shop sensations of sherbet lemon, milk chocolate, cinder toffee, caramel pennies. Then spices of White pepper & clove

Floral, Candy & Chocolate


The Finish:

You get light oak, pepper and sensations of lemon sherbet fizz.

It's Very bimberesque with a vanilla chocolate cream on the palate, Bimber Ex-Bourbon being the first whisky I noticed this not on and I have experienced it on almost all Bimbers since. This Lindores MCDXCIV Single Malt Scotch Whisky is Easy drinking and made it onto my list for Whisky of the Year for 2024.

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Casks of Lindores II STR Red Wine Barriques

The Casks of  @LindoresAbbey Series, is a limited-edition series of single malts, comprised of whiskies that have been aged for at least three years exclusively in a single cask type; STR Wine Barriques, Oloroso Sherry Butts and Bourbon Barrels. #LindoresAbbey #Scotch #Whisky

Lindores Abbey STR Red Wine Barriques

On the Nose:

The first sensation is that of Herbs mainly Coriander seed, fennel, pine nut, carraway & cucumber. It's Earthy but sweet with vanilla, lime, popcorn and a black fruit cider.

On the Palate:

It is sweet and salty with jammy berries, vanilla chocolate cream, very reminiscent of Quality Street Strawberry Cremes. There is oaky creamy porridge, again this whisky is Bimberesque.

The Finish:

Pepper, spicy, vanilla oak. There is a lingering bitterness which goes on a little too long for my liking, but it doesn’t impact the experience. Still a bottle I would buy.

#TweetTastings @LindoresAbbey @TheWhiskyWire @TweetTastings

Casks of Lindores II Bourbon

Lindores Bourbon

On the Nose:
Fresh & aromatic. pears and lemon based Neapolitan like ice cream. It's sherberty with a herb note towards the end.

On the Palate:
Vanilla chocolate cream once again, lemon sherbet, grape, crème Carmel’s, very fresh and palate cleansing with some spice. Again that wonderful Bimber note is there.

Lindores Abbey Friar John Cor Cask Strength Congregation - Chapter II Single Malt Scotch Whisky

On the Nose:
Sweet and Rich. Stewed Banana with Sultanas. Grape with a wine quality. Cinnamon and ginger spice. It has a touch of maritime with salt and a coastal earthiness.

On the Palate:
It starts with a sweet and spicy flavour of caramelised banana and a dusting of cinnamon, sherbet fizz leading to pear drops and a faint thread of smoke & salt powder.

With water the palate is Caramel sweet mince pies, lemon custard, pine nuts & dark Bournville cocoa powder.

The Finish:
It is peppery, creamy oak and lingering bitter. Water makes the pest pop on nose & palate, with more salt & lemony spice.

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All the whiskies tasted on the evening were great, however the core range MCDXCIV Single Malt Scotch Whisky at £49 was the standout, offering good value and a tasting experience that justified the price.