In January 2024 I announced that I would be, at the end of each month, nominating whiskies that I had tried during the month, which I felt were worthy of being shortlisted for whisky of the year.

To be in the running the whisky would need to be:

  1. Affordable - This is subjective, however my own bottle limit at the start of the year was £75, so that is the cut off. 
    However it must also meet condition No. 4
  2. Available - be widely distributed (UK) in sufficient numbers and obtainable with relative ease.
  3. A core range or annual batch release product.
  4. Represent good value. Each whisky will have the value score considered.

The overall score I give the whisky, does not necessarily mean it is the winner, I will consider the full lineup and decide upon what I feel is most deserving considering each of the points numbered above.
On all matters my decision is final, unless I am persuaded that my logic is flawed.

The way I determine each nominee is by calculating the value score, a nosing score and a palate score.
The sum of these scores divided by three, giving an overall score.

For transparency, where a whisky has a link this is an affiliate link to a retailer who stocks the whisky (usually Master of Malt)

January 2024

Lindores Abbey MCDXCIV Overall Score of 8.3
Glen Moray 12 Year Old Overall Score of 7.6

February 2024

Glen Scotia 15 Year Old Overall Score of 8.83
Kingsbarns Balcomie Overall Score of 7.96
I did consider Kilkerran 8 Year Old, however, while this is an annual batch release, due to most retailers preferring a ballot method to selling, it does not qualify, it is not obtainable to most.
I did consider The Darkness 8 Year Campbeltown, however, since it isn't available, that excluded it. Should another batch be released this decision could be reversed.

March 2024

Torabhaig Allt Glenn Overall Score of 8.51
Glasgow Distillery 1770 Triple Distilled Overall Score 8.61
Glasgow Distillery 1770 The Original Overall Score 8.63
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Overall Score 9.13

April 2024

Cu Bocan Signature Overall Score of 8.83
Cu Bocan 12 Year Old Overall Score of 8.75

*But what about - I have had suggestions or 'What about xxx whisky' - I can only include what I have tried this year.
Feel free to send me a sample or bottle of something if you would like it considered.